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Dubai International Financial Centre Company Formation

DIFC Company FormationDIFC Company Formation

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) was established in 2004 and offers businesses in the financial services sector the opportunity to access the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa region. Since it is considered an independent jurisdiction, the DIFC has its own civil and commercial laws which are different from those of the UAE’s and are written in English as well as its own courts with judges recruited from Singapore, England, Hong Kong and other common-law jurisdictions. And the DIFC also hosts a variety of leisure and dining options including an assortment of restaurants and cafes as well as art galleries and retail shops.

The benefits investors can enjoy by licensing a company in the DIFC include:

• 100% foreign ownership
• Exemption from taxes on profits and income for a guaranteed fifty years
• No exchange restrictions, allowing free convertibility of capital

The main types of entities permitted to be licensed in the DIFC include:

Company Limited by Shares. An LTD is allowed to make a public offer to raise capital by selling shares and can also issue securities

Limited Liability Company. An LLC is not regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority

Recognized Company. An RC is a registered branch of a foreign corporation that is already operating within the DIFC. However, an RC is just considered an extension of the existing company and thus, is not a separate legal entity.

Limited Liability Partnership. The LLP is established by at least two individuals and the entity’s liabilities are limited to the partners’ contributions to the company.

General Partnership. Unlike the LLP, the partners who form a GP are liable for the debts of the entity with no limitations.

Limited Partnership. Unlike the GP, the partnership includes a general partner who will have unlimited liability and a limited partner with limited exposure

We offer assistance to interested investors wanting to establish a company in the DIFC. Please feel free to contact us.

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