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Non resident bank account DubaiOpening an Account in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, is among the fastest growing financial centers in the world. Many international banking institutions have established their branches in Dubai. Similar to Switzerland and Singapore, Dubai has a strong banking secrecy policy as well as tax exemption. Hence, it is not surprising that the city attracts many companies to establish their offshore locations in the UAE.

Dubai Financial Yard Professional Services

Dubai Financial Yard can help you open bank accounts with major banking institutions in Dubai for you or your business. We can also help you open a bank account in connection with the establishment of an offshore company in Dubai.

Our professional service for offshore banking in the UAE covers the opening of an offshore account without the need to travel to the country. You can choose to open a bank account in every currency that you want with great benefits such as online banking, credit cards, telephone banking and establishing checking accounts.

Bank Secrecy and Security

Dubai has the strongest banking secrecy policy in the world. Also, the security in the financial market is regarded as very high. With unstable economies and banking systems across Europe and North America, companies are attracted to bank in Dubai because of high capital reserves, modern banking infrastructure and stable political setting.

Travel to UAE

Dubai Financial Yard welcomes you to visit Dubai anytime you want. We can guide you through the city and go along with you as you visit various banks in the UAE. We can arrange your travel experience in Dubai including hotel accommodations, scheduling of appointments with banks and even recommend leisure places to visit. While you are in Dubai, we can discuss about your international taxation concerns as well as establishing your company in the UAE. We specialize in giving detailed information about taxation and offshore banking. Moreover, we can show you all the advantages as well as disadvantages of establishing an International Business Company (IBC) in Dubai.

Do you want to open an account in Dubai?

Dubai Financial Yard will send you a detailed request for your company as well as recommendation in selecting the right banking institution in Dubai.

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