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Why Business Setup in Dubai?

Dubai has become one of the most attractive and exciting places in the world to do business. Effectively serving as a gateway to the developing markets of the Middle East and Africa, companies from all over the world are incorporating in Dubai. Here are some of the reasons why your company should join them:

Dubai has traditionally been one of the region’s major trading hubs due to its strategic location. This makes the emirate an ideal place for companies who are exporting products to the Middle East. Dubai also has a highly developed transportation infrastructure that makes product distribution more efficient. And its government allows exports to seventeen Middle East countries on a duty-free basis.

The emirate also has some of the most liberal trade laws in the region, with no barriers to trade as well as simplified import and export rules.

Companies in Dubai enjoy high levels of privacy as the emirate is not a signatory to any international treaties on information exchange. And the situation is not expected to change any time soon as the country will not enjoy any benefits from participating in these treaties.

Offshore businesses can enjoy significant tax benefits when they incorporate in Dubai. The emirate has no capital gains tax, VAT and income tax and resident businesses don’t have to pay withholding tax.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the region, with more than eighty percent of the population consisting of expatriates. This means that foreign entrepreneurs incorporating in the country will feel more comfortable. And since English is the main language used in conducting business, there will be no communication problems.

With its burgeoning economy fueling the country’s development, Dubai has become known as one of the most livable cities in the Middle East, with many high-end shopping centers featuring international brands as well as luxurious residences. There is also a wide variety of leisure activities available from exciting nightlife events to desert safaris.

The emirate is a signatory to sixty-six international double tax treaties that help reduce the withholding tax of resident businesses on their foreign remittances.

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